Perming, Coloring, or Chemically Straightening Long Hair

Chemical Services Destroy Hair Structure

Long Hair Tip #10: Avoid Coloring, Relaxing, or Perming Hair

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Yes, your hair will be stronger and healthier with Intense Grow.  However, avoiding chemical services, coloring, perming, and relaxing is your best bet for long hair growth.  This is probably the most important part of hair care for long hair.

Coloring Long Hair

While it is best to avoid coloring all together. If you absolutely must color your hair use colorants that do not contain peroxide or are low on peroxide.  There are many more organic options out there.  Use shampoos and conditioners on colored hair meant to hold your hairs chemically treated color.  This will help you resist the urge to color it again before too much or your natural hair is showing.  A great shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair is Sunset Hair Elements Sunrise Kit – shampoo and conditioner for color / chemical treated hair.

Perming/Relaxing Long Hair

Don’t do it!  If you don’t follow any of long hair growth tips in this article…at least follow this one!  Perming and relaxing is the worst thing for your hair.  It breaks down the protein in your hair causing irreparable damage.  You can condition it all you want.  Conditioners can improve the look and feel of your hair and maybe prevent further damage, but they can’t restore your hairs original structure.

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