Washing Long Hair

Be Kind To Your Growing Hair

Long Hair Tip #4: Wash Carefully

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When showering, don’t pile your hair on top of your head.  This will just produce more tangles.  Keep your hair down and work the shampoo in from root to tip.  Always condition your hair.  Use conditioning treatments often as well.  A conditioning treatment with a ph balance of 3.5 is best.

When rinsing your hair use cold water.  Cold water helps close the cuticle.  Avoid brushing your hair while it is wet.  Hair is very fragile when it is wet.  If you absolutely have to comb your hair in the shower. Comb it while there is still conditioner in your hair and use a “shower comb.” Combs made for brushing your hair the shower have large tines and are less likely to produce breakage. If drying your hair with a towel, don’t vigorously rub your hair.  Squeeze the towel gently around your hair to absorb the water. Don’t wrap your hair up in a towel, doing this creates damage with friction and tugs at the roots of your hair.

Were not recommending letting your hair get filthy.  Oil and dirt can build-up around the roots of your hair and clog follicles and slow the growth process.  However, it is ok to skip washing your hair every now and then.  This allows your natural oils to condition your hair. Carefully brush your own natural oils through your hair.

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